How to Turn the Secret Switch of the Man's Mind to Make Him Fall in Love With You Effortlessly - Based On The Science of Falling In Love


By Elaine M.D., a Professional Dating Coach& Bestselling Author


Did you know that every man DEEP DOWN has SECRET LOVE SWITCHES

Unbeknownst to him Embedded Into His Brain

Which can be easily turned whichever way you want & practically on demand?

…even if no other woman has ever tamed him before – YOU can be DIFFERENT!


In fact, you have the power to make anyone feel the way you want them to feel!


Let me prove this to you momentarily…


Think of a time when someone did something or said something which made you feel extreme pain. What was it that made you feel this pain?


Now that you think about it, you will recognize that it was someone’s actions or someone’s words that made you feel this pain.


And now, think of a time when someone did something or said something that made you feel extreme pleasure


Was it someone’s actions or words that made you feel this way?


As demonstrated above, words and actions can have a significant impact on how someone feels…


And it’s not just pain and pleasure that YOU CAN induce by your words or actions…


You have the power to induce any feelings you want and make a significant impact on how someone feels about you and what emotions they experience towards you!


In a moment I will show you how…


You will also be able to make your man do what you want him to do!


By knowing a man’s secret hot buttons you will be able to easily push them to make a man experience the feeling of love, desire, and connection with you!


I will show you what those hot buttons are!


I will show you exactly what to do and say to induce the man you desire to experience an overwhelming feeling of love toward you even if he is acting aloof, is a player, doesn’t want anything serious, won’t commit, is pulling away, is acting like “friends with benefits”, has a “wondering eye”, isn’t acting as if he is in love with you, is going hot and cold, tells you he doesn’t know what he wants, is dating other women, isn’t asking you out, or is a confirmed bachelor!


Have you ever wondered why…


…every time you meet a man worth keeping he always disappears on you after a few dates


…when you date a man who seems perfect relationship material he just doesn’t feel the same way about you


…a man who actively pursues you in the beginning loses interest and fades away just as quickly and without an explanation…


…a man who calls you every day and wants to see you as often as possible pulls away after you have sex


…a man you had an amazing time with on a first date never calls you back


…your boyfriend suddenly loses interest in your relationship and wants a break up


…the man you are seeing exclusively tells you that he wants to “start dating other people”…


…a man you have been seeing casually for a long time isn’t interested in moving onto the next level of commitment


If you’ve answered YES to any of the questions above read on because after you’re done reading this page it will be impossible for you to look at men and relationships the same way ever again!


Why Men Act the Way They Do


If you find men’s behavior confusing; if you don’t understand why men act the way they do, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


In fact, majority of women do not understand men!


The reason most women do not understand men and their actions is because men and women think differently. Not only that, but they also act differently in the same situations!


The science behind this phenomenon tells us that the male and female brain differs dramatically.


I don’t want to bore you too much with scientific mambo-jumbo, but here are just a few proven facts:


- Men have 4% more brain cells than women


- Women have more cellular connections between brain cells


- A woman's brain has a larger corpus collusum


 - Men’s brain uses mostly its left side (the “practical-actionable” side), while women’s brain uses both sides equally (the “practical” & the “emotional” sides)


This means that because of this certain differences it the brain structure:


- women are more in touch with their feelings, and are typically better able to express their feelings than men


- a woman’s ability to bond and to connect with others is more pronounced then a man’s


- it is much harder for a man to connect with others than it is for women


- a woman’s intuition is much more heightened then a man’s intuition, which explains why women can identify on a subconscious level when something isn’t right in a relationship before it becomes apparent to a man, and it’s just a matter of listening to your intuition to identify the weak spots in your relationship early on when you still have time to fix your relationship and to put it on the right track


Now that you understand in a nutshell the differences between the male brain and the female brain, you may ask, should I just accept that men are the way they are and stop trying?


Not at all!


Listen very carefully!


Because of the differences described above, you as a woman have a unique advantage over men!


As a woman you already have the power to control how your relationship with a man will unfold!


As a woman you already have what it takes to make a man so attracted to you on a deep emotional level and to get him to fall desperately in love with you that he will become literally addicted to you!


YES, you’ve read it right…


Because men aren’t easily able to connect with other human beings, when you understand what it takes to connect with a man on a very deep emotional level you will be able to become The Only One he truly connects to!


Think about this; men don’t have deep emotionally intimate relationships with other men. They connect with others on a professional level in order to get the job done. But as human beings they still have that deep emotional need and desire to connect with others. However they simply do not have the tools to do so!


When you learn what tools are necessary for a man to connect with others and use them on your man, you and he will become so deeply connected that you will become The Only One with whom he is able to experience Emotional Connection of such depth!


Trust me, as a woman you already have the power to make him feel intense surges of love towards you and to develop a deep emotional connection with you that goes way beyond simple physical attraction even if your situation seems hopeless right now!


Whether your man is not giving you what you want in a relationship, is scared of commitment, is pulling away, or just isn’t “feeling” the same level of love and attraction you feel toward him, I will show you exactly what to say and do in order to get everything you’ve ever wanted in a relationship with the man of your dreams - his attention, affection, appreciation, security, protection, commitment and most of all – his undying love!


What you are about to discover in the next few minutes will dramatically change your love life forever!


If you are ready to turn your luck with men around and to finally achieve the SECURITY in your relationship with a man and the CERTAINTY from knowing that your man is DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU and is COMMITTED TO YOU and your relationship, then you are ready to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LOVE LIFE!


These Powerful Secrets to Understanding Men Will Put You In Control Of Your Love Life, Relationships With Your Man & Your Destiny Time and Time Again!


Have you ever given up on a man because you did not think that you had the power to attract him, make him fall in love with you so deeply that he would give you everything you want in a relationship and give you a live full of happiness and abundance forever?


Have you ever settled for less than you deserve just because deep down you did not have the confidence and the sense of security from knowing that you can achieve your goals in a relationship with the man of your dreams who embodies everything you’ve ever wanted in a man and who is the one you’ve been waiting for your entire life?


After working with thousands of women whom I’ve successfully helped take control over their relationships and make their men give them everything they wanted from them, I’ve realized that the SINGLE BIGGEST REASON WOMEN FAIL WITH MEN is that MOST WOMEN DON’T UNDERSTAND MEN!


And if only you understood men better and knew WHAT MEN WANT you would know that all men without exception have SECRET LOVE SWITCHES which YOU as a woman CAN EASILY TURN ON practically on demand!


And once you start doing what I am about to teach you, no man will be able to resist your powerful LOVE POTION!


Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


Stop losing men!


Keep reading and you will discover how you can turn your luck with a man who isn’t interested in you to suddenly make him feel powerful surges of love and attraction toward you, make a man who doesn’t give you commitment beg you for commitment, make a man who is a player and doesn’t want to settle down with one woman suddenly see you as The One and Only for him!


How long does it take you to find the one who is right for you?


How often does it happen to you that you meet a man you can really connect to on all levels?


Admit it; you aren’t meeting the man of your dreams every single day!


And you already know it yourself that something’s got to change and unless you TAKE ACTION RIGHT AWAY you may end up alone!


If what you have been doing hasn’t produced the results you want – you must change what you have been doing and start doing things THE RIGHT WAY!


Doing the same thing that leads you to failure over and over is the definition of insanity!


You know your old ways of trying to get a man have not worked for you! Stop failing and start living the life you deserve! It all about doing the right thing and I will tell you more about it in just a moment…


You may be meeting lots of men but honestly, how often do you meet the one you really want in your life forever?


Maybe you’ve been waiting for the one your entire life and now that you have found him you simply can’t afford to lose him!


This may be your one chance in many years!


And if you feel that years go by and you are still single or are in a relationship that feels more like friends with benefits then a serious, loving and committed relationship, you can’t afford to waste your life any longer!


You know that you aren’t getting any younger!


And even if you don’t just yet have the man of your dreams in your life at the moment, you need to learn what action you must take to FINALLY ACHIEVE THE LOVE YOU DESERVE when you meet him because you never know WHEN exactly you will meet him, and he may be right around the corner!


He may cross your path today and you won’t know what to do to grab this opportunity and make him yours forever!


And you will see yet another man who could be the man of your dream pass by and slip right through your fingers!


Don’t passively allow your destiny to get away! Take charge of your destiny!


Your entire life you’ve enabled faith to take you where you didn’t want to be and end up in life and relationships! Take your faith into your own hands and steer the boat of your life to the destination you’ve chosen!


Realize that external world has no power to hold you back from achieving your goals!


When you make a decision to learn & use the secrets I am about to share here to your advantage you can have anything you want with any man you want!


Realize that up till now you had the wrong perception of what was wrong and what was right because you’ve been taught that doing what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals in a relationship was bad because it was perceived as manipulation.


You’ve been taught that this was bad and that you needed to not do anything because if you made a conscious decision to get what you want in a relationship with your man and to do the work that was required to get all your goals met in a relationship in order to have the kind of relationship that you want was manipulation.


It isn’t so!


Let me ask you something…


Before you go on a trip, do you book a ticket, a hotel room, and a rental car or do you just go to the nearest airport to see if you can fly to your destination?


Do you do your research before you decide which hotel you are going to stay at? Do you check out the room rates or do you just hand over your credit card to the first Motel 6 you see on a side of the road?


And do you honestly think that you would end up at your destination if you jumped on the first departing airplane?


Relationships are the same way!


Without proper planning you aren’t going to get to your destination!


But when you have the road map, the airplane schedule, and the exact itinerary – you know you are going to be where you want to be when you want to be there!


Just like planning a trip…


YOU CAN take control of your relationship once and for all!


Allow yourself to be loved the way you deserve!


Give yourself permission to be loved the way you’ve always dreamed and embrace love without reservations!


Finally have the confidence knowing that it will not fail this time!


And here is the best part…


Imagine planning this perfect trip to the destination of your dreams having the INSIDER INFORMATION not available to general public…


When you have insider information at your fingertips you will be able to control your destiny and get any man you desire instead of passively allowing outside factors to take control of your life because you will know exactly what men want and what to do and say to make any man yours forever!


Once you discover these insider secrets I am about to share here you will be able to achieve SECURITY in your relationship with your man and in your love life!


You will intuitively know the secrets to connecting with your man on a deep emotional level. You will be able to get him so addicted to you that he’ll never want to leave you in a million years!


You will be able to make your man go from being uncertain about your relationship to wanting and begging you for a commitment of a lifetime!


You will have the power to seduce & attract any man you desire on a deep emotional level even if he doesn’t show interest in you right now!



Get Inside His Mind

Your Secret Weapon to Understanding The Male Psychology & Using It to Your Advantage!

 Get Inside His Mind Book

Here are just some of the things you are going to learn when you get your hands on this top-secret insider information:


Men’s Emotional Needs – once you understand this, you will be able to make him so addicted to you that he’ll never want to leave you


How women unwittingly push men away by offering caring support – if you don’t know it, you may be making the most deadly mistake women make with men unbeknownst to you!


Why giving more is NOT the path to a man’s heart, and exactly what to give to a man to make him fall in love with you and stay in love with you forever


6 unique love needs a man has – when you fulfill each one of them YOU BECOME THE WOMAN HE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT


How to Make Your Man Change His Mind About Anything, and Influence Him to Your Way of Thinking


5 Qualities of a Woman Men Want For a Wife and How to Develop Them


How to Make Your Man Want You Even If He Doesn’t Want You or Is With Somebody Else


How to find out quickly whether your relationship is headed to the next level without having a “serious talk”


How to Make a Man Do Anything You Want him to do based on the science of motivation of opposite sex


How to easily make a man overcome his natural resistance to giving love


The 2 biggest mistakes women make in relating to the opposite sex


…and more!


You’ll also discover how men and women have dissimilar emotional needs


We'll also explore how to prevent painful pitfalls in a relationship


You will learn the different ways men hide feelings and how to make a man share his feelings


You will discover the highly effective ways to Express Your Feelings in a Relationship


You will learn what it really means when your man is ignoring you and what you must do about it


You will discover What to Do When Your Man Seems to Be Losing Interest and you want to save your relationship and prevent a breakup


You will find out what are the 3 Emergency Steps To Use If You Find That Your Man Is Pulling Away


In every chapter, you'll come across powerful secrets for producing loving and lasting relationships.


Every fresh discovery will increase your power to have the relationship of your dreams with your man!

And there is more…


You will also learn:


The major differences between men and women and how not knowing about these differences can easily ruin relationships. (But don’t worry, because you will find the solutions to every single one of them in this guide!)


Why men don’t listen and how to make him listen and hear you


The biggest reason why men leave women they love


The # 1 most important thing men want from women they are with for the long run


What turns a man off much more than a woman’s neediness


How to get a man to change without making him think that you are trying to change him


How women turn men off by trying to be independent and not needy and what you must do instead


How to understand your man and what he needs in order to make him fall in love with you based on his personality type


A man’s biggest fear – and it’s NOT a fear of commitment


Why Men Pull Away From Women Who Love Them


The 2 key qualities you must demonstrate in order to achieve a satisfying security in a relationship knowing that your man is dedicated to you completely


The Single Biggest Thing You Must Show Him in Order To Make Him Confess His Love For You


The Number 1 Biggest Challenge in Loving Relationships and How to Overcome It


The single biggest reason a man will want a serious relationship with you


You will also discover the single most important thing which should take place in every serious relationship  – unless this happens he will never see your relationship as serious and will eventually leave you


In this guide you will also find a checklist of things that will help you determine whether he is your boyfriend or is just a casual date, even if you’ve never had a discussion of where your relationship is going


You will also learn how to find out if he wants to be your boyfriend and take your relationship to the next level without asking him


You will learn how to tell if you are already in a serious relationship or are just dating – Sometimes it could be confusing to determine this for a fact, and I will give you The Number 1 Biggest Tip that will INSTANTLY draw away the curtains to expose THE TRUTH!


Moreover, you will learn how to encourage him to see you as his girlfriend rather than a casual date and the right and the wrong way to make him feel that you are in a serious relationship. Surprisingly, YOU HAVE THE POWER to influence how he feels about you, but if you don’t know how to do it right, chances are you are doing it the wrong way right now!


Delivered to you on over 100 pages as an instantly downloadable electronic book, this guide is jam packed with insider secrets about men which will surely allow you to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE and YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR MAN!


Once you discover these secrets you will become powerful, desirable, seductive, and secure in a relationship with the man you want to be yours forever!


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IMPORTANT: How much you know and what you don’t know about MEN will make a difference whether you lose your man for good or keep him forever!


What Happens When You Don’t Understand What Men Need From a Woman


Do the stories below describe your experience with men and relationships?


You meet a guy and start dating. As you get to know him better, you become more and more attracted to him.


You know he is attracted to you. At times you feel strong emotional connection, and you assume that he may be feeling the same way about you.


You know what you want in a relationship, and you feel that FINALLY you have found THE RIGHT GUY who is capable of giving you the relationship you want!


A chain of previous relationships has taught you what you want in relationship and you know you want for it to work out this time!


Things progress nicely with your guy, but there are times when you have to wonder whether he REALLY feels the same way about you as you feel toward him.


You start wondering more and more, analyzing his words and actions. And after taking a deeper look and digging deep down you can’t help but notice that even though sometimes things seem to go well between you, there are other times when you aren’t sure whether he feels the same way about you.


Sometimes he does or says something that puts you off, but you are too afraid to address these things that bother you out of fear to be perceived as needy and insecure.


Or perhaps you see some comments on his FaceBook page left by other women, or his comments on other women’s pages that you think are a little odd, but you don’t ask him about it out of fear to be perceived needy or paranoid.


You try to be a cool woman and to sweep those things under the rug pretending that everything is fine.


You continue on with your relationship as if everything was great, but your intuition screams that something just isn’t right!


And you have a reason to worry…


Remember, we briefly talked about a woman’s intuition and the ability to recognize warning signs early on…


You just know it when you feel that crippling fear of losing your man… it’s your intuition speaking to you!


This pain sneaks up on you suddenly and unexpectedly. It crawls into your chest and makes a permanent residence there. You feel constant excruciating pain.  And it never goes away!


Whether you constantly feel this crippling pain or if you have sudden upheavals – you know something just isn’t right!


But if you are like most women, you don’t want to rock the boat. You continue on with the relationship as if everything was ok, but you know deep down that something isn’t right.


And if you have been trying to find a man to have a secure committed relationship with for a while, you already know that every time you meet a man you think can be the one, things never work out the way you plan!


And one day he says the dreadful “We need to talk” phrase! You knew it was coming…


Or worse, he just stops calling and returning your phone calls.


And you wonder why did he disappear without a trace?


Was it something that you did? Was it something that you said?


A myriad of thoughts is running through your mind, but nothing seems to explain why he disappeared!


And now that your plans for the happily-ever-after with him have fallen apart, you are left with nothing but the painful memories of your shattered dreams and hopes that never came true!


And now that you are left wondering what went wrong you finally figure, “he was just another jerk…”


But you know, that it is extremely hard if not almost impossible to find a man you could connect with the way you do with him!


But the harsh cold truth is – this situation keeps repeating itself! It happens to you over and over again every time you meet a man you think could be The One!


And you start thinking that perhaps something is wrong with you…


…that perhaps you do something that scares men away…


…or perhaps that there aren’t any good men left out there….


…and that for some reason every guy you meet is a jerk who will ultimately break your heart one way or another…


And the next time you meet a man you take your time. You are now afraid that every man you’ll ever meet will break your heart and that perhaps you just need to stop trying. But you take a leap of faith yet again with another man, already expecting that he is going to be just another man who will break your heart yet again.


You know this will happen suddenly and without warning just like it’s happened before.


One day you will just stop hearing from him.


You will call him and get his voice mail. Your text messages will remain unanswered.


And if you are like most women, you will desperately try to get answers from him. But you won’t!


This situation can continue for month, even years. And you know that you aren’t getting any younger!


But it doesn’t have to be like that any longer!


And if you are reading this page right now YOU CAN change this and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LOVE LIFE once and for all!

Stop Failing at Love and Start Being Loved The Way You Deserve!


YOU CAN HAVE A FUTURE TOGETHER with the man of your dreams!



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